DayZ Weapons Modding

Here is my cutsheet, or more appropriately cliff notes for DayZ Weapons modding from what I have been able to pick up from others or reverse-engineer myself.

From front view barrel should face left and butt of handle should be centered in the intersection of the X,Y,Z 0 values of the grid.

1.) Import your "*.fbx" file to your new "*.p3d" file. Import scale is about 1000x larger than output scale in Blender using the FBX format so select a scale of 0.001 for starters. You may need to play around to get it right. Once your model is scaled appropriately press-E to assign texture. You can now view in Bulldozer
2.) add PROPERTY "autocenter" and assign value "0"
3.) add PROPERTY "-allowAnimation" and assign value "1"
4.) duplicate LOD "0.000" x 5. Give the following names

0.000 ShadowVolume Geometry Memory View Geometry Fire Geometry

5.) Delete all gemoetry data (point/vertices and meshes) from ShadowVolume and Memory LODs. ShdowVolume will be dealt with later
6.) now you can start assignin memory points to make the weapon work properly

"Memory Lod" Points

Points Name Quantity Orientation Purpose Required
bipod 1 bipod position bipod position when using barriers etc. Yes
boundingbox_max 1 bottom right from top view. bottom of mesh object boundary Yes
boundingbox_min 1 adjacent corner to "boundingbox_max" object boundary Yes
eye_200 1 appropriately vertical and centered near rear reticle default rear sight
eye_look 1 aim point when ADS aim point
handle_axis 2 handle axis should be verticle and approximately placed near the butt side of the handle as the axis created will reference an offset point towards the palm of the handle reference Yes
invview 1 best placed from a side view of the object used to reference object in "inventory" Yes
konec hlavne 1 butt side of barrel point 1 of barrel axis. affects aim so should be linked to eye and view axis's Yes
usti hlavne 1 end of barrel. bullet side point 2 of barrel axis Yes
nabojnicestart 1 far point of shell trajectory point
nabojniceend 1 close point of shell trajectory completes animated shell trajectory axis
slingeye_axis 1 far right point and above ADS points. Presumably augments hipfire view point
trigger_axis 2 points should form a line parallel with the Z axis for standard lever action triggers. other forms of triggers may need to be oriented along alternative axis trigger axis Yes

7.) You can now save you "*.p3d" file and run it through mikero tools. However we will conduct our final export with DayZ Tools. This is because Mikero will continue to throw errors for things that will be fixed in memory once DayZ is running, resolving all these errors would require us to possibly extended missing base classes unneccesarily but Mikero Tools is an excellent resource to screen the files local to this portion of the project so less testing is needed later.
8.) once your PBO is ready put it on your test server and test. Getting the points placed properly in the memory LOD may require multiple iterations of this part of the tutorial.

Good Luck!!!

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